Saturday, 23 June 2012

Deeper and stronger relationships

In this sense we are strengthening the connections between the words that we use and their meaning - conscious or subconscious.

Words are important but many would argue that actions speak much louder than words. It is what we do and how we do things that show our true intentions and aspirations. The problem with the smallest of actions is that we cannot reflect on them, not on our own actions, not in terms of how they seem to others. We can review what we think we've done and how we've done that but how often does this fit with how others perceived what we've done.

It is a strong and courageous community which allows and encourages honest feedback from one person to another. Feedback born out of love rather than spite or insecurity. Why indeed would we go down this path? What benefit would it have for the community or the individual? The first might be to see whether our actions are being misinterpreted. Another may be so that we make real our commitment to support each other in personal and spiritual development. Another may be an unease with inviting new people into our community if we observe behaviour which we know to be well-intentioned but is perhaps not perceived as that on the surface.

These are the ways of a community which intends to develop deeper and stronger relationships. Not based on friendship per se but on a commitment to do church together, to make real our values and our aspirations. Most local communities will not go down this route, as most people don't go down this route with their own personal lives. It is 'the road less travelled'. 

But some of us are drawn to religious community precisely because they hold the possibility of profound and right relationship.

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